In the beginning of the year, we had high hopes of finding an awesome, mad-max-style beast of a 4WD for less than 10000 dollars… Of course, after 2 weeks of disappointing test drives in outright dangerous vehicles, we decided we had to compromise and go for a smaller, more reliable car.

All of a sudden, the perfect car for us appeared on Gumtree! Low kms, 4WD capacity, plenty of room, and well within budget… Toni was the car for us!

Now, 11 months later, he didn’t let us down one bit. We did everything we wanted to do, including some pretty challenging unsealed roads. Every morning, Toni started happily at the first turn of the key, ready for whatever new adventures lay ahead. It’s really been the best car we’ve ever owned!

Even though it was hard to let go, we made an awesome win-win deal with Diego, a fellow Belgian who was in need of a new ride, and came and picked it up at the perfect time for us, since we’re heading to Bali very soon!

We know for sure that Toni will have many more adventures in Oz with his new owners!

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