Kookabuddies and BROckatoos in the Grampians

Australië heeft een fantastische collectie vogels. Sommige papegaaien zijn in België wel duizenden euro’s waard. Je hebt ze in verschillende kleuren en groottes. Niet enkel de papegaaien zijn fantastisch. Een zeer speciale vogel, tevens de nationale vogel van Australië, is de Kookaburra. Deze vogel wordt “The Laughing Bird” genoemd. Wanneer je hem hoort “fluiten”, lijkt […]

Grampians for Champions

It’s been a while since we had to wake up very early. We were told that there are some amazing lookouts at sunrise in the Grampians National Park. So we woke up at 4AM to drive to one of these amazing places: The Pinnacle The drive was pretty challenging with all the kangaroos hopping in […]

Go Go Goanna!

On our recent hike in Mt Remarkable National Park, we had several encounters with goannas. These large monitor lizards like to bask in the sun, and hide in the trees when humans approach. This is especially hilarious when you didn’t notice a goanna sitting next to the walking track, and the goanna didn’t notice you […]

Golf with Guests

Playing golf in the Barossa is as AWESOME as you can expect from the Barossa! Just because the Barossa is amazing. Forty kangaroos around sunset make sure that the grass is fertilized and short. They do their best to make your game unforgettable. Yes, Barossa, you did it again. It will be very hard to […]

Not Too Bat

As you walk to Katherine Gorge, first you think that the trees have a lot of fruit, ready to eat. But when you take a closer look, you’ll learn that it’s all bats, or actually: flying foxes. As usual: don’t worry! They only eat plant juices, insects and some small animals such as lizards. The […]