During our year of traveling, we stayed at so many different campgrounds with so many different toilets. Sometimes good toilets, sometimes, euhm… Let’s say that once in a while we preferred to dig a hole in the ground instead of using the real thing! There were times when we found frogs, lizards or spiders next to or in the toilet. Other times a frog had the time of its life riding the wave when we flushed. BTW: flushing the toilet used to be a normal thing for us, but it isn’t any more after this year. Most toilets are droptoilets (yes the toitoi-things at festivals). It’s not ideal, but you get used to it!

An other AWESOME feature of some campgrounds are showers. Sometimes it’s real showers, sometimes it’s just a bucket.. Any way, just go for it! It’s all part of the adventure, guys!


/ Aussie Aussie

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