All fairytales must come to an end, and so did our adventures Down Under. It has been an AWESOME year, that went by way too quick. We met amazing people, that made their ways straight to our hearts. We saw views we’ll dream about forever. We had some sh*tty moments that will make great stories. We saw AWESOME wildlife and had loads of fun…

A year of great memories. Thank you Australia!

PS: To ease the pain, we went to one of the Australians favorite traveling destinations: Bali! As you all know, it wasn’t certain we’d make it there because of the erupting volcano. Thanks for voting us to Bali on Facebook. You were very helpful in making our decision. It was amazing! Beautiful views, people and food! No volcano-problems at all!

“MASSASE?” “Yes please!”

“TAXI? BIKE?” “Maybe later!”

“Boss, boss, Cheap cocktails and spring rolls?” “Yes please!”

Warm weather and nice sunsets? “Yes please!”

Lots of rain? “Noooooooooooo!” Sadly, mother nature thought differently about that! But hé, it really helped us prepare for the Belgian rain!

Next stop: Belgium!



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