On our recent hike in Mt Remarkable National Park, we had several encounters with goannas. These large monitor lizards like to bask in the sun, and hide in the trees when humans approach. This is especially hilarious when you didn’t notice a goanna sitting next to the walking track, and the goanna didn’t notice you until you’re right besides it! This causes an awesome flight reflex into the trees (for the goanna, not us), which can be startling for both parties.

When they’re used to humans, they do like to go for an exploratory walk, even around your campsite! One was especially interested in our newly renovated tent, just like the stumpy-tailed lizards a few days ago. We’re starting to think it’s becoming one with the environment…

They’re pretty photogenic, don’t you think? (This one was about a meter long)

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  1. Beautifull animal “goannas”…..Awesome !
    Hello Claudia and Tom…..! Bad weather in France it’s raining To day !

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