On our first visit to Mount Remarkable, we weren’t that impressed. We didn’t even blog about it! We were always jokingly referring to it as Mount Not-so-remarkable… how wrong we were!

Looking for a cheap campground, we realized we camped on the wrong/less remarkable side of the mountain back in January. The actual National Park is on the side of the mountain that’s closest to the coast, and has some truly amazing hikes and wildlife!

There are several walks to choose from, ranging from an easy 2km walk to a 7-hour 18km hike through Hidden Gorge. Because we’re becoming more confident in our hiking skills, and the information panel claimed it to be “one of the most spectacular hikes in the Southern Flinders Ranges”, we decided to test our limits and give the big one a go!

It was definitely challenging, due to the length, the climb midway through, and the thousands of flies that hitch a ride on your back and head. However, the views were worth it!

P.S.: the banner picture above was taken after the walk, not before it.


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