Tripping Alone…

Uluru, September 8th 2017 Dear diary,   Sadly I didn’t find a travel buddy. There were these two girls from Holland, but they were in Alice Springs and I didn’t want to drive back to AS. I waited as long as possible for other candidates, but for some reason nobody wants to travel with me… […]

Travel Buddy Wanted!

Since Tom and his dad are going on their amazing trip to discover the East coast, I will be driving Toni to the Barossa valley and Adelaide on a 1580 kilometer trip . A trip of almost 17 hours is quite long to drive alone, so the search for a fun travel buddy is on! […]

Rocking Rocks: Uluru

The Red Center is a special place. Lots of red sand and then all of a sudden the immense rocks. I know it’s just rocks, the Olga’s and Uluru, but damn, there are worse rocks to look at. Especially at sunset Uluru is breathtaking. You can climb this beautiful giant, but we preferred not to, […]

King’s Canyon

We love our little hikes! And King’s Canyon is one of the most amazing hikes ever. After a drive of 160 kilometers over a gravel road, we got to see this spectacular canyon. The hike starts with a steep climb, but when you arrive at the top of the canyon, the views are amazing. We […]

Marbelous Marbles

How these AWESOME marbles got their shape, we forgot (as usual). Feel free to check the website! But they sure are beautiful and absolutely marbelous. Having a walk here at sunset or -rise is absolutely stunning. Just have a look, it’s just amazing!