Sheltering from the storms in Victoria had its advantages, especially because it was also the weekend of Claudia’s birthday! Because the Southeast of Victoria had a rainy forecast for the whole week (our last week camping), we decided to go back West a bit, where the weather’s better. We had heard a lot about Bendigo, a city about an hour North of Melbourne, so we decided to go check it out!

Whenever we couldn’t or didn’t want to camp, we’ve been staying in AirBnB rooms, like the one we stayed at last weekend. Usually the hosts of these rooms in Australia are incredibly friendly, and always make us feel right at home. In this case, our hosts Joan and Ian even got Claudia a cake! Australian hospitality does it again!

Thanks Bendigo, for a great birthday weekend!

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  1. Hello Claudia !!! What is your day 8? 9? 10? Happy birthday To you ! me, Ghislaine it was sunday 10 december ! Bye Bye….bises

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