Australian hospitality has no limits! While traveling Down Under we meet new people practically every day. And whether you spent a couple of hours with your newly made Aussie friends or several weeks, doesn’t matter. Almost everybody invites you into their homes, gives you a beer and some snacks. But when we got invited to stay a couple of nights at Marlene and Philips house, we hadn’t even met them! Marlene and Philip are the parents of Carolyn, our housesit-host in the Barossa. So when we finally left the Barossa and told her we were planning to visit Sydney, we were told to contact them. And so we did!

After three days Grampian-championing without showering, we appeared at Marlene and Philips doorstep (after a phonecall of course). We felt a little bit out of place in our smelly hiking clothes and backpacker stuff at their beautiful 1000-bedroom house! But after a quick reconsideration whether we were in the right place, we nervously knocked on the door. With a big smile they opened the door, and they were so nice! We got a big welcome, a hug (sorry about the smell!) and 2/3 kisses (we are still used to the 3 kisses in Belgium). After ten minutes we were all standing in the kitchen having a drink, a nibble and a chat as if we had lived there forever!

Thanks again, Marlene and Philip, for adopting two strangers! You really made us feel at home.

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