Clearance Clearwater Survival

There was only one thing that kept us awake at night the last weeks and it was whether Toni, our car, could do the creek crossings on the road to the Bungle Bungles.We know Toni is a great car, but not having a snorkel and low gears can be a problem when you have to […]

Caving for Tunnel Creek

Normally, whenever we’re asked “Do you like caves?”, we go “Meh…” It’s not that we don’t like them, it’s just that we’ve seen so many stalactites and -mites already that we’re sick of them. However, Tunnel Creek was really AWESOME! This cave system in the Devonian Reef was the hideout of an Aboriginal freedom fighter […]

Room with a View at James Price Point

Free camps are a great way to travel on a budget, and stay in some amazing places while you’re at it. James Price Point on the Dampier Peninsula is such a place. It’s legal to camp at the top of the cliffs here, entirely for free. There’s no amenities, thousands of flies and mosquitos, lots […]

Room with a View at Big Lagoon

At first, nobody understood completely what the caretakers¬†at Francois Peron National Park were thinking when they installed big, confusing tent platforms. However, after some collective brainstorming/engineering, we figured out how to attach our tent to the grated floor! Tools needed: A bit of rope Scissors or a knife A smaller person (such as Lindsey) to […]