There was only one thing that kept us awake at night the last weeks and it was whether Toni, our car, could do the creek crossings on the road to the Bungle Bungles.We know Toni is a great car, but not having a snorkel and low gears can be a problem when you have to drive through several creeks or rivers. As usual we were told: “You should be alrighty!”. But not having a budget to fix water in the engine would end our trip down under earlier than planned. Being able to see the bottom of the water makes things a lot easier (You never know how deep it is or if there are a lot of rocks.). Most of the times the water is very murky, so wading through it is your best option to get to know your puddle of mud!  Once in a while there is some stock crossing the road, to make things even more exciting. However, as always, Toni performed marvelously! Made it to the Bungles and back in one piece!


/ 4WD, Sights

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