After sinkholing and checking out the wrong lake, we finally found the beautiful blue water of the Blue Lake of Mount Gambier! We were very lucky, because the water in this lake only has this cobalt bluish color during summer. Sadly, swimming wasn’t allowed, but just the view of the water was awesome!

BTW: we didn’t photoshop the pictures, this is the real color!

Tip for fellow travelers: If you are hungry or you want to have a drink, make a stop at “Sorrentos Cafe“.  Nice Aussi-style pizza and other stuff. The price/quality rate is excellent here! And the service is awesome and friendly!

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  1. Ja ja inderdaad, jullie beginnen kleur te krijgen! Stuur de zon eens naar hier aub! Doe dat daar nog goed en voorzichtig he.XX

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