At first sight you think somebody lost his eighties wig or that there is a walking piece of grass next to the road, but when you turn back, stop the car, and take a closer look, you learn that it’s an echidna! You don’t see them very often. Sadly the first one got so scared of our car’s vibrations while we stopped that we couldn’t see its face… The next one was shy at first, but once it got to know us, it became very active and showed us some good moves!

This ant-eating buddy is one of my favorite animals in Australia and this is why:

  1. They are marsupials, but they lay eggs!
  2. They are mammals, but don’t have nipples!
  3. When they want to mate, up to 12 males start to follow a female and form a “love train”. Once the female is ready, the males get into a trench and wiggle each other out. Last male standing, gets its price!
  4. They look cute, but some males rape… Sometimes a male mates with a hibernating female. She wakes up pregnant… Can you imagine: “Really Eddie, I don’t know what happened… I didn’t sleep with anybody else... I just had a really nice dream…“?!
  5. And this just a small selection, there are more fun facts about echidnas to learn, such as their 4-headed penises and more cool stuff!!!

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  1. Superbe photo et aussi avec toi ! C’est chouette d’avoir vu cet echidna ! Nous vous embrassons de la France, tout va bien, et vous aussi on espère. …bye

    1. Nous vous embrassons de l’Australie! Nous allons bien aussi! Dans quelques jours nous partons à Darwin! On a envie de conduire jusqu’à là! Bisous!

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