Since we arrived in Perth, every Tuesday we have been going to the Hale Road Tavern to participate in the Trivia night. A lot of the questions are very Australia-minded, and most of the music questions date from a time we weren’t even born yet. Participating  is great, because every week we learn more about the Australian culture, music and even cricket! We started with just the two of us in a team, but after a while we teamed up with whoever wanted us in the team. Together with their AWESOME knowledge of music produced BC (Before Claudia), we made a better team! We never won, but be are very happy if we end up on the better half of the score board.

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  1. Hi Claudia & Tom

    Thank you for traveling all the way from Belgium to attend our Quiz Night. We have enjoyed your company. I particularly was thrilled the night you beat all the locals to win the Mystery Muso who that night was an Australian performer.

    We wish you both all the best on your Australian trek and if you can organise a Quiz for us to compere in Belgium we will gladly do iot for free provided you pay the airfare Ha Ha.


    Craig & Brian
    Quiz Night Entertainment

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