Little Lagoon in Shark Bay has a marvelous river coming from the ocean, which – according to our book – is a great snorkeling spot. Of course, that is if you watch out for the stonefish in there…

We didn’t know what that was yet, until we went to the Ocean Park Aquarium a few kms south of there. There, they told us that these fish look like stones, and if you step on them, they shoot a poison into your foot that causes agonizing pain! Apparently, one guy who stepped on one tried to chop off his own foot to make the pain stop… Only in Australia…

For completeness sake: if you do step on one, hold the wound under hot water for as long as you can bear, to neutralize the protein-based poison.

So, can you spot the fish in the picture below? Hint: it’s not the hermit crab.

/ Sealife

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