Uluru, September 8th 2017

Dear diary,


Sadly I didn’t find a travel buddy. There were these two girls from Holland, but they were in Alice Springs and I didn’t want to drive back to AS. I waited as long as possible for other candidates, but for some reason nobody wants to travel with me… Am I such a terrible driver? Or is my music choice that bad? I can’t let this bring me down.

I have no choice but to drive the trip alone. I have to say that I am a little bit scared. It’s a really long drive and everything is so remote. Will I be able to put up the tent myself? Is it gonna be safe on the campgrounds? Won’t I be too tired when I drive over 6 hours? What about the road trains or the oversized vehicles? Pffft I hope I will be able to sleep tonight. Big trip tomorrow and lots of questions…










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