AWESOME Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, September 12th 2017

Dear diary,

It was Herman sneaking around my tent. I caught him in action this night. I had a really good night, knowing it was him. I arrived around noon today in Coober Pedy. I went to the underground campground where I made my bed. It feels a little bit like a prison cell, but he, I didn’t have to put up the tent! In the afternoon I went for a tour in the city center. In short: opals and underground things! And I absolutely LOVE it. I also meet a really nice British couple this evening. They are traveling to Darwin. We had a couple of drinks together and they promised me to deliver our house mate’s bracelet that I made this week. I had a good time! And now bedtime, because tomorrow I have a big drive to do!


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