Our first stop after leaving the Barossa was the Yorke Peninsula. We already visited this AWESOME place back in January, but we liked it so much, we came back for seconds!

Cheap campsites, great live music, hospitable happy hours with old and new friends, (supposedly) great fishing spots, amazing wildlife, and cheap golf. What else do you need? There was even a winery with a cellar door, to ease us off the tasting addiction we acquired in the previous month!

Julie, a local with good knowledge of the best fishing spots, took us out to the National Park to fish for salmon. Sadly, we didn’t catch anything edible, only a small rock cod, and an unfortunate seagull who was a bit too interested in our bait, and ended up with a free lip piercing. It was able to free itself though, and looked fine, thankfully…

We tried our luck again the next day at our awesome beach camp, but alas, we caught a whole load of nothing again (if you don’t count seaweed). We got the beautiful views and sunsets for free though!

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