Looking like gummy bears vomited on some hills, the Breakaways conservation park near Coober Pedy is definitely worth a visit. Two hours are well spent on the stunning views. Every lookout feels like a journey into a painting where pastels rule the world. Truly AWESOME! We even saw an amazing bearded dragon, sunbathing on the side of the “road”.

The indigenous people believe the landscape was created by a rainbow touching the hills. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

PS: There probably is a scientific reason why the hills are the way they are, but personally, I prefer to believe that a large bearded dragon licked the hills, turning them in these colors. Dragons can do this kind of sh*t, right?! I mean, people are growing up with Game of Thrones, so this sounds absolutely plausible, right?!


We couldn’t decide whish photo of the dragon was the best, so we’ll share both of them!

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