Peeing Down Under

During our year of traveling, we stayed at so many different campgrounds with so many different toilets. Sometimes good toilets, sometimes, euhm… Let’s say that once in a while we preferred to dig a hole in the ground instead of using the real thing! There were times when we found frogs, lizards or spiders next […]

Kookabuddies and BROckatoos in the Grampians

Australië heeft een fantastische collectie vogels. Sommige papegaaien zijn in België wel duizenden euro’s waard. Je hebt ze in verschillende kleuren en groottes. Niet enkel de papegaaien zijn fantastisch. Een zeer speciale vogel, tevens de nationale vogel van Australië, is de Kookaburra. Deze vogel wordt “The Laughing Bird” genoemd. Wanneer je hem hoort “fluiten”, lijkt […]

Goodbye Toni…

In the beginning of the year, we had high hopes of finding an awesome, mad-max-style beast of a 4WD for less than 10000 dollars… Of course, after 2 weeks of disappointing test drives in outright dangerous vehicles, we decided we had to compromise and go for a smaller, more reliable car. All of a sudden, […]

Our Little Riverside Cottage

We’ve already written about how awesome camping along the Murray river is, so we won’t go into that again. After Canberra, we went back to the river separating NSW and Victoria, and had another couple of extremely relaxing days! Staying next to Australia’s longest river was excellent as usual, up until Claudia saw the water […]

Canberra: Where Laws Become History and History Provides better Laws

For some reason, we always get terrible weather when we visit a big city… Canberra was no exception. Luckily, to see the most interesting sights in this “artificial capital”, you don’t need an umbrella. Canberra was engineered as the nation’s capital, because Sydney and Melbourne couldn’t settle their rivalry to become Australia’s most important city. […]