Breweries: Part 2: Riverside Brewhouse

Craft brewing is really picking up strong in Australia. For example, in what used to be the old Swan Brewery, nowadays you can find the Riverside Brewhouse. This beautiful building is the home of one of the best breweries we visited up till now! It seems they really know what they are doing. After a […]

Huge eggs and awesome chicks

As we mentioned earlier, house sitting has a lot of advantages. One of the things we are going to miss when we move to the next house, are definitely the huge eggs from the chooks. When we first arrived, we only found one egg every two days. The poor chooks were dealing with “Stickfast-Fleas“, which […]

Breweries: Part 1: Little Creatures

  For Belgians it can be disappointing to visit a foreign brewery. Our visit to the Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle was one of those times. We have to say that the interior of the place is absolutely stunning and their marketing is great, offering free tasting of the entire range. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, only two out […]

Shiraz or Syrah?! Wijndegustaties met Fransen!

Everybody knows that French and Australian wines are AWESOME (face it, it’s wines!)! Time for some French expertise to taste Australian wines. Ca nous a fait plaisir de faire connaissance avec nos voisins Gislène et Gérard, des vrais Français! Nous avons passé une merveillieuse journée avec eux, en déguster différents vins dans plusieurs wineries. On […]