After leaving Melbourne, we really needed a house. So we went house hunting! As we are not picky, we found a house very quickly! We went for the 2-room model. Welcome to our home! We also found two rabbits living there, so we adopted them!


For fellow campers: we got our camping gear at Aussie Disposals. We got the Woodland Extended Dome tent, two awesome chairs, two king size stretchers, and two king size 4WD mats to go on top. What’s cool is that the mats even work pretty well on their own on the floor, when you’re too lazy to set up the beds, or want to cuddle 😉 The whole setup set us back about 850 AUD, but hey, it’s for a whole year, and it sure beats rent!

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  1. Waw ziet er leuk uit! Zo vang je het gemis van Hanibal wat op! Is dat een tent? Of staat dat op een wagen?

  2. Hi Claudia and Tom it’s Mackenzie from the caravan park. How is your trip going? I hope you’ll be happy to know that for dinner tonight we had your pasta sauce! THANKYOU SO MUCH IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!! ?? Safe travels ❤

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