If you’re driving North or West from Adelaide, the Yorke Peninsula is a great detour to make! Not only for the beautiful national park, but also for the budget-concious food lover!

Even if you can’t spare the time to visit the whole peninsula, do allow a quick stop in Port Pirie. This town at the top of the peninsula, just south of the Flinders Ranges, is a great place to stock up and refuel before your long drive. People are amazingly friendly here, and there’s good, cheap food to be found.

One of those places is Barnacle Bill’s. This family-owned seafood chain can be found in various places around South Australia, but the one in Port Pirie is a bit special: it’s inside an old church building!

We had the lunch special here, for only about 10 dollars per person, and it was great! Plenty of food, and it tasted like good fish and chips should! The chef was of Greek origin, and you could taste his expertise 😉 Definitely one of the better price/quality restaurants we’ve encountered here in Australia. (We always had the impression that food was just a bit more expensive here than we’re used to, and just accepted that)

So, fellow travellers, for a cheap full belly before you head out into the Outback, go to Port Pirie!

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