It’s been a few days since our last update, because we went to one of Australia’s many places without cellphone coverage: the Flinders Ranges! The lack of cellphone coverage made the scenic drives through the gorges even more exciting for us. Apparently, the fuel stations indicated on the (not-so-)informative map we were given were closed over summer! This forced us to really test our car Toni’s tank, as we made our way back to Wilpena Pound at what was probably the most ecological drive of Toni’s life… (40 degrees outside, the aircon off, and driving 60 km/hour on a 90km/h road) Turns out we had about half a liter of petrol left!

It was worth it though. Unfortunately, the pictures really don’t do the beautiful scenery and wildlife any justice. We saw even more emus than during our emutional days, and at least 30 (living) kangaroos!

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