After having a great time on the Yorke Peninsula, we’re now back at South Australia’s coast on the Eyre Peninsula, and so far, this one is even nicer than the previous one! You might say that we’re becoming big fans of Australia’s peninsulas! (we can only assume that the other ones are just as nice as the two we visited…)

So far we’ve done national parks, ate some great fresh seafood, and we even swam with the endangered Australian sea lions! At first we were skeptic about this – not inexpensive – tour, but it turned out to be well worth the 205 dollars. The sea lions are super playful, and they come right up to you to invite you to play! Definitely one to scratch off the bucket list 🙂

These are actual pictures we took while in the water!

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    1. Wel, je kan hier een begeleide trip doen in zo een cage en dan lokken ze nen Jaws! Grote delen van de film zijn hier ook opgenomen!

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