Cooking when the sun has already set can sometimes surprise you. In the Flinders Ranges we happened to see the AWESOME Golden Orb Weaving Spider. The one we saw had been hanging there for quite a while, since this was a rather large one. We only happened to notice its white, light reflecting body when we were in the camp kitchen in the evening. It was quite a scare (especially for Tom!), as this particular one was pretty big (about 8cm including the legs). However, it got me intrigued immediately. After some research, I learned that this particular spider is not extremely dangerous to humans and that its web is made of golden silk! Isn’t that amazing?!

Check out the much smaller male! He just lingers around and waits for the female to mate. What a life!

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  1. I like how you say “not extremely dangerous” as opposed to “not dangerous”… Also, how do you miss an 8cm spider?

  2. I don’t know man…I would smash it into pieces…I hate spiders, snakes and scorpions…why on earth did I agree to come there…? ooh no, we better be drunk all the time….I guess…greetings Daddy !

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