Here down under, it is very easy to wake up. If the thousands of cockatoos that decide to have a chat in the tree right next to you  don’t wake you up completely, you will be awake when you pack up your tent and find something crawling under it! This is a small resume of things we found under our tent while packing up: an ant’s nest, cool beetles, an Australian cockroach, various spiders, and a Flinders Ranges Scorpion. The poison of this particular scorpion won’t kill a human, but it will hurt like hell! At the moment we did not know that, so we were kind of freaking out, as the spot under the tent where we found it was right next to Claudia’s head! We were very lucky anyway, since scorpions aren’t often seen in day time! As a famous Belgian advertisement says: “Elk nadeel heeft een voordeel! (voordeel!)

The more you break up your tent, the more curious you get what you will find while packing it up! There will absolutely be a sequel to this blog post!

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  1. IEEEEK!! Dit is die post dus waar ik al voor vreesde… nu nog ne jaws op de foto en ik weet al zeker dat ik nie naar daar ga :p

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