I knew that working in Australia as a Belgian licensed veterinarian wouldn’t be doable due to the long and expensive procedure and the one-year visit we are doing. You have to be enrolled in the Veterinarian Surgeons Board.


  1. Language test: $550
  2. Application form to check if you can enroll for the exams: $125 (+$410 for registration)
  3. Theoretical exam in April: $3050
  4. Practical exam in November or December (5 days!!!): $7600

So I thought that I could work as a veterinary nurse… Nope!!! You have to be enrolled in a Veterinarian Nurses Board. Which means: language test, exams and a voluntary internship (not as expensive as the veterinary ones, but you get the picture!)… Quite frustrating to know that your Belgian”Master in Veterinary Science” doesn’t mean a thing over here. Ironically, we Belgians claim to have one of the best educations over the world and we’re bragging about being “EAEVE-approved”. Funny, isn’t it?!

PS: if you graduated in Utrecht or Lyon, for some reason these rules don’t apply to you… So go for it!!!

Summary of lesson 2: As a Belgian veterinarian in Australia: broaden your horizons!

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