One of the most AWESOME things about Australia that you probably didn’t know, is that at you can get your picture taken while road tripping. When you buy and register a car, you get the option to take the “road trip photo package”. If you choose so, it means your photo will be taken every 100 kms or so, whenever you see one of the signs in the above picture. (Not to be confused with the brown camera signs, which indicate a lookout or photo op)

These places usually have a beautiful scenery in the background. All photos are then available for download online, based on your license plate and a personal login. The main reason they do this, is because the Australian government is tired of all the accidents, happening when backpackers and roadtrippers are stopping or driving slow to take pictures and selfies. Sadly, our photos haven’t been uploaded yet (it can take up to 3 months, due to the popularity of this service).

Tips for optimal results:

  • clean your windshield
  • dress up nicely when driving
  • always smile when passing one of these signs
  • don’t overtake road trains at these signs
  • drive safely at all times (especially when striking poses)
  • don’t drive faster than the indicated speed limit (otherwise the picture will be blurred, and they charge a big extra fee for correcting that…)
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