In between job hunting and doctor’s visits (we’ll get to that later), we ventured into Perth for some much needed refreshment for the mind & the body. Perth did not disappoint in either.

This city of contrasts offers a bit of everything: from cool “chilling” squares with free sunscreen & water entertainment, to buzzing bars with an off-the-charts hipster-level. All of this is set in a scenery consisting of “old” churches, right next to McDonald’s and skyscrapers. (For those readers from Ghent: up to you to decide whether this is better or worse than our “sheep stall”)

Areas such as Northbridge are infamous with the locals for their unsafe feel at night, yet during the day it looked super-cosy! We even scored some awesome cocktails for only 10 dollars. Other times you wander off to a seemingly shady side street, only to stumble upon hidden bars like Helvetica, where they make an art out of experimental cocktails and offer a free appetizer buffet on weekdays! And then suddenly, for some reason we really cannot figure out, someone decided it would be a great idea to create a “historic” London shopping street in the middle of the city…

Well played, Perth. Well played.

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