After one of our most popular posts ever (Things we Found under our tent), we now have a similar one: “Things we Found in the Mailbox!”

Living in a tent isn’t always easy. After two months of camping, sleeping on coaches in the public television room during storms, curved tent poles, ripped doors, and cool animals under the tent, you will be happy to have a real roof over your head. That’s why we looked for housesits on a cool website called mindahome! On top of the roof we also get AWESOME pets to look after, and we don’t have to pay rent. The owners can leave for their holiday, knowing somebody lives in their house and takes care of their beloved pets. This is what we call a “Erwin-Win-Situation”!

But sometimes it’s not just the domestic pets we look after. Once in a while we have extra visitors. Getting the mail out of the mailbox can be exciting. Except of the regular mail, we had a cool visitor in the box: this AWESOME Black House Spider. It sure was the first and the last time ever I put my hand in the mailbox without looking into it! This 8-legged fellow doesn’t kill you, but it sure feels hairy when you touch it!

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