The first time we saw a “Car- and Dog wash”, Tom and I couldn’t stop laughing. We started joking about driving through the carwash with the windows down and the dog in the car. (BTW: this is not how this works!) Instead it is a separate bath next to the carwash with some tools like water and soap (no waxing!). We have to admit that this is an AWESOME initiative.

But there is more! On top of that there are “Dog wash” services. These are qualified dog washers and groomers that come to your home in a van with a bath to wash and trim your dog. No dirty bathroom and no need to drive to a trimming salon. How cool is that?! I am wondering why I never saw one of these things in Belgium… Maybe something to think about when we come back?!

Lily, our cute house sitting dog and her friend quite enjoyed their wash!


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