Working in hospitality = long hours + standing + walking => dying feet!

For the past weeks, I always worked on these beautiful, cheap shoes I got from K-mart.  Sadly, after four hours of working, I wanted my feet to fall off, just so I wouldn’t feel them anymore. So with my 32-hour work weekend coming up, I decided to treat myself with some AWESOME shoes. As some of you know: I am not a shoe-addict (read: I don’t spent a lot of money on them and I don’t own more than 4 pairs, including flipflops). These are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought. But oh boy, it feels like walking on sunshine! (also suitable for moonwalking!) Yip, these Skechers with extra padding and air-cooled memory foam will certainly take care of my feet this weekend!

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  1. That’s why I only buy one pair of Lowa Tibet’s each year. They cost me 275€ but totalyworth it! Decent – read expensive – cooling socks are the second priority 😉

    1. Wow, sounds great! As you can see I can also use them for a metal party!Maybe when we’re back in Belgium?!

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