First of all: I really like my job! There is only one thing that doesn’t feel right. Sadly it’s something that I have to do every time I work. I tried to leave this particular part of my job to my colleagues, but there is no escaping. Every time I do this thing, a little Belgian piece of me dies. And the worst part: I get compliments for doing it… Last week one of the patrons that I served a beer, told me this was the most beautiful one he ever had. I feel so ashamed to tell my Belgian friends and family, that I, Claudia, tapped a flat, English-style, ugly looking pint of beer with almost no foam head. And there’s more: every pint I tap is like that. I tried to educate everyone here about our World Heritage listed Belgian Beer Culture, but people keep sending back my beautiful, “two-fingers-foam-headed” pints and asking for a “normal”, English-style one. I suppose they just want the best value for their money…

Maybe: Meer Bier = Meer Plezier?! (More Beer = More fun?)

I am so, so, so sorry, guys…


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