Craft brewing is really picking up strong in Australia. For example, in what used to be the old Swan Brewery, nowadays you can find the Riverside Brewhouse. This beautiful building is the home of one of the best breweries we visited up till now! It seems they really know what they are doing. After a blind tasting, our favorite beer was apparently the AWESOME Belgian inspired beer “Eliza’s Saison”. We had no “wet dog” or other beastly flavour on the tasting tray (which is what happened last time). In fact, this is something I’d gladly order in a bar in Belgium, and that’s really saying something! The only sad part was that this delicious beer is not available in shops, you really have to visit the brewery to drink the Riverside beers… Luckily we still have a couple of weeks left here in Perth, so chances enough to revisit!

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  1. Tom pour le tasting !!! Dommage que nous ne soyons pas rester avec vous ! ? on aime la bière. …?

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