Great experiences like diving and swimming with whale sharks and manta rays aren’t cheap. With still over 3000 kilometers to go, we have about half a dollar per kilometer left on the bank account. Luckily there are some ways to cut the costs of traveling and living, such as free camping and camping in national parks (with a park pass for the whole state instead of paying the entrance separately for each park). Ok, there aren’t always showers available, but who showers every day/week anyway?! Eating the cheapest kind of food such as noodles with friends instead of dining out is also a great way to save some money! Driving carefully and slowly on the unsealed roads is also a good way not to break the bank (we saw some other backpackers with their third tire puncture in the middle of nowhere, where it costs $3500 to get towed… Ouch). And of course there are always 10$ haircuts!

Traveling for a year forces us to be creative, but we still love it! We don’t want to complain, we just want to give you the whole picture!

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