After rereading our last post, we realized that we forgot to make a post about our diving adventure! So here it is!

Since we did an introductory dive in Cairns four years ago, we knew we wanted to learn to dive. Now we had the time and money for it. We were far too busy learning new skills to take pictures, but we managed to take one good one! The short version is:

  • You spend four hours under water in a pool, doing things you never imagined you could do.
  • You then fall asleep earlier then you ever imagined (9pm, seriously?!!).
  • The next day, you see more fish than you ever imagined on your first two dives.
  • You fall asleep even earlier…
  • The last day, you do two more amazing dives, and become a certified Open Water Diver!
    Imagine that!

We want to thank the awesome people at the Exmouth Diving Centre, and especially Sara, our AWESOME instructor!

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