After arriving back in Darwin from our holiday in Belgium, we quickly learned that a campground without aircon, and only power in the communal camp kitchen aren’t ideal conditions for Tom to do his job. As some of you know, between our travels, he’s been coding for an Australian startup. This was ideal while we were in Perth, since we always had a nice place while we were petsitting, but in Darwin these housesits are a lot scarcer.

Luckily, thanks to the gumtree website – and some Belgian bribes such as chocolates and beer – we found a beautiful room in a shared apartment with AWESOME roommates (two of which are chefs)! We share a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and lounge room with a French couple and an Australian bloke. Since we were lucky enough to live in an apartment owned by Tom’s dad for the past 7 years, this is actually the first time ever Tom has had to pay rent!

The room almost pays for itself though, since now we have all ingredients for Tom’s job to be successful. All you really need is: 1) a laptop; 2) a “desk” (in our case: our camping table); 3) an airconditioned room; 4) a 50$ second screen found on Gumtree; 5) an internet connection and a flexible client that will allow you to work from home. Oh, and having some knowledge of computer science helps as well 😉

 We love living here, with a pizzeria downstairs (although our chef roommates make a better pizza) and a 360 degree terrace. We’re also super close to the beach for a magnificent sunset every night! It’s also just a 5 minute drive to the restaurant where Claudia works, as well as to the famous Mindil Beach Markets where you can have amazing Asian food.
Darwin, you’ve got us!


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