When you work in a restaurant in an outside setting in a nature reserve, wildlife is never far away!

A few days ago, I was running/tjeesing as usual, when all of a sudden, one of my colleagues said that she hadn’t seen “Fernando” in a while. Without knowing who he was, I suggested to sing the Abba-song (there was something in the air that night…), and there he was, Fernando the “Pet Possum” of the restaurant! Waiting and sneaking around as usual to steal the leftovers. It can’t be good for him to have this star-quality fine dining food. In case you are wondering: Yes, he is kind of getting fat… And I really don’t like it when wildlife gets used to humans. But hey, what can I do about it when he is trying to be a smarty?!

BTW: It had its name before I started working here!

Fernando is not the only visitor at the restaurants terrace. The next day, I almost tripped over a beautiful 1.5 meter tiger python. Not poisonous at all, but stepping on it won’t be good, I suppose! Once in a while two stone curlews visit us to catch some insects or lizards. And when I drive to work, I have to make sure not to hit a wallaby!

Thank you Darwin for this beautiful wildlife in our back garden!

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