“DO NOT SWIM in areas where there is no sign that explicitly says that you can swim” is the golden rule in the Northern Territories! You know, croc and tiger shark safety and all… There are some exceptions, though!

  1. You are a Territorian who really likes surfing/skurfing/spear fishing and you’ve a “spotter” who stays in the boat.
  2. You like to play the odds and have other people with you. 2 people in the water gives you a 50% chance to be eaten, 3 people 33%, 4 people 25%, etc.
  3. You really like Australian beer, and have a knack for building random but elaborate things, in which case you’re a perfect candidate for the annual Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta!

During this crazy day, people from the Darwin region come to Mindil beach to see other people race self-made and self-paddled contraptions made of beer cans against each other in the water. Never mind the crocs, because there’s hundreds of people and boats in the water, so your chances of getting eaten are well below 1%!


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