When you drive in the NT, you see a lot of termite mounds dressed up. Sometimes it even looks like there is someone standing in the bush, but don’t be mistaken: it’s just a dressed up termite mound! Obviously we HAD to do that as well!

So after Tom’s AWESOME birthday party yesterday (we were just a little bit hung over), we hit the road and there she was… That beautiful mound, standing tall and naked, ready to get dressed! She really stood out from the other mounds. She was perfect and oh so accessible (sometimes it is hard to stop safely next to a highway).  It was just before noon, the sun was just heating up the top but the temperatures didn’t rise that much yet, so she was still feeling a little bit cold. Time to warm her up a bit!

If you feel like saying “hello”, you can find her on the Stuart Highway from Darwin to Adelaide just 100 meters after the turnoff to Daly Waters on the left hand side!


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