From the first time we set foot in this AWESOME pub on Halloween 2015, we knew this is a great place to party. So when Tom told me that he wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday over here, I knew it was going to be legendary.

Just one problem: it is so remote…

Friends coming over: nope!

Band coming over: nope!

Importing some good Belgian things: nope!


On the other hand: it is so remote!!!

Erwin (Tom’s dad) coming over: jip! (still refered to as an Erwin-win-situation!)

Jelly shots: jip! Jelly shots with strangers: jip!

Birthday chocolate cake: jip! Eating birthday chocolate cake with strangers: jip!

Having some nice Australian drinks: jip! Having some nice Australian drinks with strangers: jip!

Had an AWESOME night: jip!

Having another AWESOME 30th birthday party back in Belgium: jip!


PS: Since Tom asked me not to post any compromising photos, I didn’t. (You know: being that good girl and all.)

PSS: At the Belgian birthday party, I promise you a slide show! Sorry Tom!

To all the nice “strangers”, who really felt like friends at the end of the evening after some nice Australian drinks: Thanks for celebrating Tom’s birthday. Please feel free to come to the party in Belgium!

Yes, we mean you: Andy, Princess, Mick, Guy whose name we forgot, other guy whose name we forgot, nice lady (whose name we sadly forgot as well), the awesome Scottish girl from the bar that was there 2 years ago, the other staff that was amazing, Irish girl with the short blond hair that was a little bit crazy but a killer at pool, the two ladies, who helped me find that blue bra I left there 2 years ago (whose names we forgot as usual)… We are not good with names… (or with alcohol)



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  1. Oh , je suis désolée d’être en retard but…..happy birthday TOM….30 ans ! Good birthday ! Bises

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