Since we arrived in the Blue Mountains, we kept on wondering why they call it the Blue Mountains. If you take a closer look, they are orange, red or green, not blue at all. On our four-day excursion we came up with several explanations, but weren’t entirely sure. So: Google to the rescue!!! It’s not the mountains that are blue, it is the rising eucalyptus-fog that bathes them in a blue hue. We did lots of amazing hikes with AWESOME views. We even got treated to a private light show, when a thunderstorm roared over the ranges.

1) Blue fogging on Govett’s Leap


2) Pussying out at Hanging rock. Guys, it is sooooooo high and steep and you have to jump over a meter-wide gap that goes all the way down. We could already read the headlines: “Belgian tourists die in the Blue Mountains“. Our hiking buddies did it anyway!


3) After all the hiking we treated ourselves to “lazy” rides at Scenic World, which has a glass floor skyway, cableway and world’s steepest railway. It also has the best view possible of the Three Sisters. AWESOME!!!




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