“Honey, I’m stuck at the racecourse… No, really!”, it sounds like a lame excuse a gambling addict might say, but in our case, it was actually true!

After our small trip to Silverton and the Living Desert, we were heading into Broken Hill for a nice dinner, since we were saving so much cash by staying at the race course. We were almost there, when suddenly the car started shaking. Claudia immediately pulled Toni over, and yep… flat tyre! Apparently, Broken Hill roofers are notorious for leaving their equipment (nails and knife blades) all over the road, and we had just experienced the result.

We had a spare tyre, but it’s a temporary one, limited to 80 km/h. Of course it was Saturday night, with all the tyre shops closed on Sunday, and of course the damage was too extensive to be repaired. Also they didn’t have our type of tyre in stock on Monday, so it had to come all the way from Adelaide! (which is a long way for a tyre on its own…) So, we were stuck in Broken Hill at the racecourse with a metal horse with a limp šŸ˜‰

We did learn that Aussies are AWESOME when it comes to being helpful though! Within minutes, several people had stopped and asked if we needed help. And when the tyre finally came in on Tuesday, the guys at Goodyear had it replaced in no time without bankrupting us. Thanks guys!

And hey… at least it didn’t happen in the middle of a 4WD track with no one around!

P.S.: sorry for the bad photo quality. I was too pissed off to pose when Claudia was trying to document the event…

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