Balspelen voor Crocs in Nitmiluk (Hungry Games)

Zoals jullie ondertussen reeds weten, zijn er twee verschillende soorten krokodillen in Australië: de “brave” zoetwaterkrokodil en de “mmm-ik-lust-alle-soorten-vlees”- zoutwaterkrokodil. Om te weten of er een exemplaar van de tweede soort in de buurt is, wordt er lokaas uitgezet. Bij het horen van de verhalen over het lokaas en de vallen, stelde ik me vroeger […]

Not Too Bat

As you walk to Katherine Gorge, first you think that the trees have a lot of fruit, ready to eat. But when you take a closer look, you’ll learn that it’s all bats, or actually: flying foxes. As usual: don’t worry! They only eat plant juices, insects and some small animals such as lizards. The […]

Jumping Crocs

A must-do in the Northern Territories is a visit to the wetlands with their crocodiles. On the Spectacular Crocodile Jumping Tour you’ll see these AWESOME reptiles up close. We had some amazing tête à têtes with them! Exciting, but also terrifying if you see what they do for “just a piece of meat”. Imagine what […]

Termite Mounds Part One: Monks

Litchfield national park is definitely one of our favourite’s. We go camping there in the weekends. It is just a 1.5 hour drive from Darwin, has some beautiful waterfalls and is the home of some really special termite mounds. And once in a while you see something extra AWESOME! As monks apparently do take breaks, […]

Bye Bye Darwin…

Up till now, we hadn’t really found a place in Australia where we really thought “we could live here”. However, with Darwin, it was love at first sight. At least in the dry season, this is an awesome place to live. The weather is amazing, there’s plenty to do, you have the AWESOME food at […]