Postcard Sunsets

During our trip up North we saw some amazing sunsets. We literally saw all the colors of the rainbow! And it doesn’t matter whether the sun sets on land or in the sea, every night starts with this special moment, this turning point, where for a second your breath stocks and the whole world seems […]

Keep River, a Hidden Gem at the Border

One of the best kept secrets of Australia can be found at the border crossing of Western Australia to the Northern Territories. Why no major travel guide mentions the beautiful Keep River National Park remains a mystery to us. Besides the beautiful park, the campground is definitely worth a stay. It is really cheap ($ […]

Boabs: Making a Treehugger out of Tom

The Kimberly is known for its amazing abundance of boab trees (also known as Baobabs). This is without a doubt Tom’s new favorite tree. They grow enormous trunks that hold precious water, and their branches grow in a very harmonious way. In Derby, they even used one of the large trunks as a prison in […]

Clearance Clearwater Survival

There was only one thing that kept us awake at night the last weeks and it was whether Toni, our car, could do the creek crossings on the road to the Bungle Bungles.We know Toni is a great car, but not having a snorkel and low gears can be a problem when you have to […]

Caving for Tunnel Creek

Normally, whenever we’re asked “Do you like caves?”, we go “Meh…” It’s not that we don’t like them, it’s just that we’ve seen so many stalactites and -mites already that we’re sick of them. However, Tunnel Creek was really AWESOME! This cave system in the Devonian Reef was the hideout of an Aboriginal freedom fighter […]

Room with a View at James Price Point

Free camps are a great way to travel on a budget, and stay in some amazing places while you’re at it. James Price Point on the Dampier Peninsula is such a place. It’s legal to camp at the top of the cliffs here, entirely for free. There’s no amenities, thousands of flies and mosquitos, lots […]

Cable Beach Broome

Every Australian goes on and on about the beauty of Cable Beach in Broome. For us it was just an other beach. Yeah, it is beautiful, yeah it is a beach. And that’s it. Noting more, nothing less, except for the mosquitoes. Maybe we didn’t like it that much, because in contrary to the others […]